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Here is an article posted on, sent in by a visitor who saw a broadcasted interview with Mark O'Connell on G4 (a US videogame channel)


by Alex Young @ 6:20:00 PM on 5/8/2005

Watching Electric Playground on Channel G4 (Episode# 1403), I saw a segment on the WrestleMania 21 Xbox game that featured a few WWE superstars. Jose Sanchez from EP is at the WWE Superstar Challenge Tournament. Some highlights:

Stacy Keibler is shown and says that she is in the tournament.

Trish Stratus is next and she says that she hasn't practiced playing, so she doesn't know how well she will do, although everything else she does is good.

John Cena is shown, lamenting that last year he made it to the finals, but Shelton Benjamin beat him with his (Cena's) own finisher. He said Benjamin said "Watch this" and then hit him with the F-U.

Mark O'Connell, Creative Manager of THQ, talks about the new features of WrestleMania 21. These include new cut scenes, a wider variety of online choices, and expanded user options, such as creating your own superstar and creating your own belt. He says that you can defend your belt online, which will gain it prestige. When a player loses a prestigious belt, his/her prestige will go down. He also says that the game will incorporate current WWE superstars, including new ones like Eugene, divas, and some legends. He says that Shelton Benjamin is the best player of the game.

Jonathan Coachman is shown in the background during some clips. The Hurricane (with no mask) is shown and Jose Sanchez says that he got knocked out early and "What's up wit dat?"

The Big Show is on camera now, saying that he did horribly and that he was pushing buttons, but didn't know what they did. He said he didn't know the "Get Up Button" because he couldn't get his wrestler to stand up. (Note: It's probably hard to manipulate the controllers with his mitt-size hands, after all, the controllers are made for normal humans!)

Lastly, the 3-time WWE Superstar Challenge champion Shelton Benjamin is interviewed. When asked how he did so well, Benjamin replied that "Laziness" was the answer and that "Sitting on my bed, playing video games, paid off." He says he likes the graphics on the Xbox and that he will buy the game. He also says it's a good game for wrestling fans - why? Because he's in it, of course, why wouldn't you buy it?

Nice little segment that showed the WWE wrestlers in a fun, relaxed setting.

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