Pro Wrestling Games Interview

Here is the transcript of my interview with, on 30th September 2005, discussing WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2006.

Note From Daniel Thomas: I would like to thank Ms. Jensen and Mr. O'Connell of THQ for participating in the awarding of our Box Art winner. Your support is truly appreciated.

Q: How long will season mode be? (longer that Smackdown vs Raw?

A: Mark O’Connell: Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 features a complete Season for both Raw and Smackdown, meaning that there are 2 separate years of storylines to play through!

Q: I guess Taboo Tuesday will also be a PPV in Season Mode. How will the match types will be decided?

A: Mark O’Connell: We don’t want to give away any surprises during Season Mode, as it is a lot more fun for players to find out for themselves.

Q: Can you tell me couple new stuff that we will be able to buy through Season Mode that we didnt see in any other Wrestling game yet?

A: Mark O’Connell: Players can purchase never before available Legends in the WWE Shop. You can also earn trophies for accomplishments such as winning a Royal Rumble Match or Bar Room Brawl in Season Mode. Additional bonus items are available by completing various challenges throughout the game.

Q: What new match types will be available in SvR2006 (Except Casket Match and Buried Alive match)?

A: Mark O’Connell: In addition to the Buried Alive Match, other new matches include Fulfill Your Fantasy, and the Bar Room Brawl. We have also made improvements to existing match types, such as the addition of a door in the Cage Match (a much requested feature!).

Q: What new arenas will we be added? (ex. Bar fight- it was shown in a video, Pillow Fight- was shown in a video etc...)

A: Mark O’Connell: New arenas in SvR2006 include Great American Bash, Taboo Tuesday, and ECW. There is also a surprise arena to unlock too, for those who are up to the challenge.

Q: Which Title Belts will be in Season Mode? Will there be new title belts?

A: Mark O’Connell: Players can compete for the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship belts in Season Mode. All other belts are available in Exhibition title matches, in addition to a couple of bonus unlockables!

Q: Which wrestlers will start Season Mode as the champions?

A: Mark O’Connell: As with WWE programming, John Cena is the WWE Champion (complete with spinner belt), and Batista is the World Heavyweight Champion.

Q: How Many Masks will Rey Mysterio have? if Yes, do you need to unlock them first?

A: Mark O’Connell: Rey Mysterio has one mask, but certain other Superstars do have additional costumes.

Q: When you create a superstar, can you put on him John Cena's Spinning Title Belt or Spinning Chain? If yes, do you have to unlock them first?

A: Mark O’Connell: If a Superstar wins the WWE Championship, they have the option to have either the regular championship belt, or the spinner version.

Q: Will Eddie Guerrero have more than 1 lowrider? If yes, do you need to unlock it?

A: Mark O’Connell: Eddie has one low-rider in the game, but as each entrance features multiple camera angles; they remain fresh every time you watch them.


Mark O’Connell: Thanks for taking the time to put these questions together, and congratulations on winning the Box Art contest. We are all really excited about Smackdown vs. Raw 2006, and have worked hard to make it THE definitive wrestling game to date! Be sure to reserve your copy before WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 explodes into stores this November!

 - Mark O’Connell (Project Coordinator, THQ)

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