N-Zone Magazine Interview

Here is the transcript of my interview with Georg Reckenthäler from Germany's N-Zone Magazine, discussing WWE Day of Reckoning 2 for Gamecube

Monday 18th July 2005

N-Zone: Day of Reckoning’s “Create-A-Superstar” mode was one of the best wrestler editors. What new kind of features can players expect?

MOC: The biggest improvement is the greatly increased polygon count for Created Superstars. This allows players to create more realistic wrestlers then ever before, with realism comparable to the actual WWE Superstar models. Of course there are also new costumes, moves and many more exciting new additions and unlockables to customise your Superstar in almost any way imaginable!

N-Zone: The story mode of DoR was quite straight-lined. Will there be any gameplay options this time, e.g. can the players select between different matches?

MOC: We are really excited about our Story Mode this year, which is the first ever sequel to a WWE game (Day of Reckoning). There are various points in which the storylines branch out, offering the player different paths to take. These decisions will effect which matches you participate in, and who is your opponent. This all takes place within a larger overall story, and there are many exciting twists along the way!

N-Zone: Many consumers argued that DoR played too much like a button-masher. What is your opinion on this and are you going to change the controls?

MOC: While the control system will be familiar to players of Day of Reckoning, there are a number of new features to make game play more strategic. The first is the stamina system, which really makes players think about what moves they are doing, and adds pacing to the match. It is quite possible to simply mash the buttons, but you will soon run out of stamina, giving your opponent a window of opportunity to make a counter-attack. In addition to standard reversals, the new blocking system enables novice players to block repeated strike or grapple attempts without having to learn the timing. Another new addition is the submission system, which allows users to pick one of four different submission types with the C-stick, adding even more strategy to the game.
N-Zone:  DoR featured video sequences in in game graphic, but the story was told in dialogue boxes. Does Day of Reckoning 2 support voice output to support the authentic WWE feeling?

MOC: We would have loved to incorporate Superstar voiceovers, but having already squeezed every inch of space out of the Gamecube disc, there simply wasn’t room for any additional audio.

N-Zone:  The new audience is polygonal. What can you tell us about that? And what can you tell us about the sound effects of the game?

MOC: DOR2 has had a massive graphics overhaul, and the new 3D crowd adds a far greater sense of realism. There is also a 25-30% increase in polygons per Superstar, making the overall experience one of the most immersive available on the Gamecube. We spent a great deal of time ensuring all the sound in game is as authentic as possible, with up-to-date crowd chants, the latest entrance music, explosive pyrotechnics, and bone-crunching sound effects!
N-Zone: The quality of DoR’s soundtrack was excellent, but the number of different tracks could have been higher. How many tracks does the successor feature?

MOC: The number of tracks is similar to DOR, and there are plenty of great adrenaline pumping vocals and instrumental music to grapple to this year.

N-Zone: Have you thought about an endless singleplayer-mode, where players can fight again and again for the belt?

MOC: We always consider different options, but after all the positive feedback we got on DOR’s Story Mode, it was clear that fans enjoyed taking their uniquely created Superstar’s through exciting and turbulent storylines to try and ascend the ranks of the WWE.

N-Zone: Are you going to integrate some random “Quick-Match”-Option (or “Another Quick-Match” after a fight) in the game, where player’s don’t have to adjust all options, enemies and arenas? The Reason: It takes a lot of time in Day of Reckoning to start a new match with different enemies in a new arena.

MOC: Absolutely - we have included a rematch option, so it is possible to compete against the same opponent, with the same match conditions and environment.

N-Zone:  And the final question: Many guys like the Bra&Panties matches, but they would love to take off the clothes of the female wrestlers completely. You have not planned something like that, haven’t you? ;-)

MOC:  I’m sure that would be very popular, but a lot of younger fans wouldn’t be able to play it! There is still plenty for Diva fans to get excited about this year, as we have introduced a new Schoolgirl themed Bra and Panty Match! And did I mention the increased polygon count? :-)

Thanks for taking the time to put these questions together. We are really excited about Day of Reckoning 2, and have worked hard to live up to and exceed fans expectations!

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