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Jan Kounen Text

This exclusive interview with French Director Jan Kounen was conducted by Mark O'Connell regarding his new film "Blueberry". The Interview took place at
the Sofitel St. James Hotel, London on Friday 11th June 2004.

M (Mark): Hi Jan. I’m Mark O’Connell from

J: (Jan): Nice to meet you.

M: Where you given complete artistic freedom to explore the Blueberry material, while remaining faithful to its roots?

J: Yeah. When I went to see Jean Giraud, who is Moebius, the same person, when he’s doing only Blueberry, he’s signing Moebius all for the mystical work. So I went to see Jean Giraud and I told him, I told him that… cos I didn’t wanted to do Blueberry at first. I wanted to do a mystical movie, and then I researched and I sought the mystical approach to experience a reality another way. They have perception of the World differently and they have people and cultures, and we worked on that. We worked on the material technology, and we have worked on the mind and the perception. So it only come when I decided it to be a mystical movie, Shamanism, then I said about Blueberry because of the comic book. When I was younger I remember that that was my first meeting with Shamanism. It was that the character was meeting a deity shaman. I was fascinated by this body. What’s his wrong and what’s his person. I always wanted to know more, but there was no more in the comic book. I said to Jean, “Look I wanted to start there. Let’s imagine that the hero, we meet him alive. Then we go into initiation, and then we go into a real meeting between two cultures and people.” So he was very excited by that, the subject, and pushed me forward to go on this sci-fi part, you know. So that was done something really in relation with him.

To be continued...

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