Conan O'Brien

Episode Details:

Season: 12
Episode: 2041
Date: 30th March 2005

Big Show Text

On 31st March 2005, The Conan O'Brien Show on NBC aired footage of a wrestler
I made of him in Wrestlemania 21, during an interview with WWE Superstar "Big Show". Here is a transcript of their comments on my footage, as well as images from the show.

Conan: We have er... I want to make sure we get to this. We're out of time but I want to show this. The video game, as part of your promotion that you are promoting, the makers... er ... sent us a clip and they actually fashioned a clip of you and I fighting.

Big Show: (Laughs) Really?

Conan: Yeah... er, in this video game reality. I think we should... We just got this, I haven't even seen it yet, but lets take a look at this clip.

*Shows clip*

Conan: That's pretty much...

Big Show: (Claps) That's incredible!

Conan: That's pretty much what would happen.

Big Show: That's great!

Conan: That's how I fight... the groin shots and everything.

Big Show: That's probably why I'm having trouble trying to have a son right now, ya know.

Conan: (Laughs) I warned you. I warned you.

Big Show: I think of it, throughout my career I've been kicked in that area.

Conan: Yeah. Wrestlemania 21 airs this Sunday on Pay-Per-View, and the new XBox video game Wrestlemania 21, er, comes out in April. Er, you're always a great guest...

Big Show: Thank you so much for having me.

Conan: Good friend of ours. Thank you so much for being here. It's a good man - Big Show!

Big Show: Thank you!

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